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Private Labels: Services


Petfoodnz International Limited is a specialized manufacturer of OEM/Private Label canned pet foods ranging from economy to super-premium levels. We are eligible to export our products all around the world including Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. Because we are based in New Zealand, our products tend to be grain-free and are also free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and other unnecessary additives.


We are specialists in producing high-quality canned cuisine for cats and dogs. We manufacture for international brand owners as well as countrywide distributors who are seeking a top-quality canned pet food using their own unique recipe. Although we specialize in private label service, however, where a potential customer does not have a label, PetfoodNZ can provide brands/products for distribution. Please contact us for more information on this option.


PetfoodNZ can deliver novel proteins and we have the flexibility to work with your needs to provide recipes that meet the specific demands of your market. We can work with you to provide multiple recipe in one consignment in variable quantities.


New Zealand pet food raw materials are the most sought after, renowned for quality, consistency, food safety and being disease-free. NZ food manufacturing standards are regarded as amongst the best in the world. PetfoodNZ aims to export worldwide. Should you have queries for a product to be exported anywhere in the world, we will discuss options with you.

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