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As consumers become more educated and discerning they are seeking superior products of assured quality. PetfoodNZ products are made from 100% NZ, free-range Beef, Lamb, Venison, Salmon, Fish, Chicken and/or Turkey.

We will work with our customers' nutritionists based on their requirements to provide any specific recipe options such as grain-free or vegan options, as well as specific diets tailored for medical purposes. Nutritional diversity can also be catered through novel meat ingredients such as Goat, Duck, Kangaroo, Eel and Possum. Non-meat novel ingredients such as cranberries and green-lipped mussel can also be found in abundance in New Zealand. We use the purest quality ingredients to achieve the purest concentration of nutrition.

PetfoodNZ wet food is produced from the highest quality low-fat proteins. With meat as the base ingredient followed by quick processing, the palatability is as good as it gets. Even animals who are selective about what they will eat enjoy the product from PetfoodNZ.

New Zealand is renowned throughout the world for its disease-free animals and strict food safety procedures.

If you are looking for brands rather than services and products for private labels, please contact us to further discuss your requirements.

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