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Welcome to Petfoodnz

We are a small manufacturing plant specialising in top quality canned cat and dog cuisine for those seeking an optimum diet for their pet. By working with brand owners and distributors from across the world, our product can be made to recipes meeting your specifications with your own label, or we can discuss other options that may better meet your needs.


Canned food from PetfoodNZ International Limited is shelf stable and high in quality, easy to digest, meat protein (we specialise in novel proteins and can work with clients requiring specific dietary options e.g. vegetarian). Minerals and vitamins are contained in the product to ensure that the food is fully balanced, meeting nutritional requirements. Additional nutritional support through added supplements can be accommodated when requested. Cat and dog cuisine from PetfoodNZ, in conjunction with age appropriate exercise, will aid in creating and maintaining lean body mass.


Please follow the links above to learn more about how we can work with distributors seeking a superior product, providing top quality pet nutrition, from New Zealand sourced products, to meet your discerning market.

We offer Private labeling services and brands for distribution. 


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