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Petfoodnz International Limited is a specialized manufacturer of OEM/Private Label canned pet foods ranging from economy to super premium levels. We are eligible to export our products all around the world including Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. Because we are based in New Zealand our products tend to be grain free and are also free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and other unnecessary additives.

We are specialists in producing high quality canned cuisine for cats and dogs. Our service is to worldwide distributors who are seeking a top quality canned pet food using that distributor's own label and their own unique recipe.

We provide a private label service, however, where a distributor does not have a label PetfoodNZ can provide product from an established brand, please contact us for more information on this option.

PetfoodNZ can deliver novel proteins and we will work with your needs to provide recipes that meet the specific demands of your market. We can work with you to provide multiple recipe types in one consignment in variable quantities.

New Zealand pet food raw materials are the most sought after, renowned for quality, consistency, food safety and being diesease free. NZ food manufacturing standards are regarded as amongst the best in the world.

List of Protein Source

The following is a list of protein sources that we can select from and where they are sourced from, they are in ascending order for ease of procurement and price:
A. Lamb meat (MDM), lamb organs, lamb green tripe – New Zealand

B. Beef meat (MDM), beef organs, beef green tripe – New Zealand

C. Ocean fish (Whole Fish) – New Zealand

D. Salmon (Heads) – New Zealand

E. Tuna – New Zealand or Thailand

F. Sardines – New Zealand or Thailand

G. Chicken meat (MSM, Carcass, Necks), chicken organs – New Zealand

H. Duck meat (Carcass, Necks) – New Zealand

I. Turkey meat (Carcass, MSM, Necks) – New Zealand

J. Kangaroo (Muscle Meat) – Australia

K. Venison meat (MDM), Venison organs – New Zealand

L. Possum/Brushtail (Carcass) – New Zealand M. Goat (Offal) – New Zealan


List of Vegetable Source

The following is a list of Vegetable sources that we can select from and where they are sourced from, they are in ascending order for ease of procurement and price:
A. Pumpkin – New Zealand

B. Potato – New Zealand

C. Carrot – New Zealand

D. Peas – New Zealand

E. Broccoli – New Zealand

F. Kumara (Sweet Potato) – New Zealand

Other Ingredient Source

The following is a list of other items sources that we can select from and where they are sourced from:
A. Rice – Australia

B. Pasta – New Zealand

C. Vegetable Protein – New Zealand

D. Brewers Yeast – Vietnam

E. Ovine Plasma – Australia

F. Carrot Fibre – New Zealand


Functional Ingredients

The following is a list of functional ingredients that we can select from:
A. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Powder

B. Glucosamine

C. Chondroitin


E. Co-enzyme Q10

F. Yucca Schidigera


Can Sizes Available & MOQ

The can sizes that we currently manufacture are:
A. 3.0oz – 3.5oz which is 85gm-100gm (73mm dia x 34mm height)

B. 6.0oz – 6.5oz which is 170gm-185gm (73mm dia x 56mm height)

C. 13.0oz – 14.0oz which is 365gm-400gm (73mm dia x 110mm height)


Minimum Order Quantity per batch is:
A. 3.0oz – 3.5oz (85gm-100gm) = 500 trays of 24 cans

B. 6.0oz – 6.5oz (170gm-185gm) = 340 trays of 24 cans

C. 13.0oz – 14.0oz (365gm-400gm) = 360 trays of 12 cans


Minimum Order Quantity per 20ft shipping container is:
A. 3.0oz – 3.5oz (85gm-100gm) = 4956 trays of 24 cans (10 batches per container)

B. 6.0oz – 6.5oz (170gm-185gm) = 2996 trays of 24 cans (9 Batches per container)

C. 13.0oz – 14.0oz (365gm-400gm) = 2996 trays of 12 cans (8 Batches per container) (So long as full batches are ordered there can be different can sizes within the container)


Pallet Configurations & Production Lead Time

Pallet configurations within the container are:
A. 3.0oz – 3.5oz (85gm-100gm) = 14 trays per layer, 22 pallets x 15 layers, top 2 pallets at the front of the container are 12 layers high, no loose load.

B. 6.0oz – 6.5oz (170gm-185gm) = 14 trays per layer, 22 pallets x 9 layers, top 2 pallets at the front of the container are 8 layers high, no loose load.

C. 13.0oz – 14.0oz (365gm-400gm) = 14 trays per layer, 22 pallets x 9 layers, top 2 pallets at the front of the container are 8 layers high, no loose load.

Production lead time is 4-6 weeks with shipping lead time on top depending on where the destination port is. We will do this quicker where possible. To secure production space as required a rolling forecast is required to be submitted and updated regularly.

Order Procedures, payment & Shipping terms

Order placement is done by emailing an official Purchase Order to our Orders department (, whereby a Proforma Invoice will be sent by return email showing the full amount of the order and also the deposit amount payable

Payment terms 50% deposit to the Petfoodnz nominated bank account 2 weeks prior to the date of production, then the balance is payable immediately on receipt of emailed copies of the original shipping documents including Bill of Lading and Commercial Invoice.

Shipping terms are CIF to the port of destination unless otherwise negotiated. For some destinations we can also do door to door shipments. Unless stated all costs at the port of destination are for the account of the purchaser including port charges, duties, demurrage, inspection costs, customs fee's, on port or inland transport, devanning and storage.



If we are producing your Private Label product then the cost of labels will be excluded from the quotation as you will need to pay upfront for the labels once printed. We will provide a quote for the labels after determining how many you wish to have printed at the time. It is important that your label designer provides high resolution, print ready, PDF format label artwork. We can provide you with the templates for the 3 different can sizes that includes all the required information for your label designer. Once the artwork is completed and ready we will provide the web address for our printers FTP site so that it can be uploaded. Please allow 1 week for the proofs to be produced and emailed, then a further 2 weeks for printing and delivery.

Recommendations on content of labels

We recommend, in accordance with the New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturers Association, that the following points are included on all labels.

*Not intended for human consumption (or pet food only)

*Trade name

*Responsible party contact details

*Statement of nutritional completeness

*Ingredient list

*Net contents

*Directions for use

*Refrigerate after opening


Printed Trays

It is possible to have trays printed with OEM artwork, however this will only be considered if the purchase orders are for 10 containers or more and placed at one time. The difference between plain trays and printed trays will be charged at the time of the order, and the understanding is that these trays will be paid for if not used.


All our products, unless specifically requested, meet the AAFCO standards.

Sample Recipes

Below are photographs of a small selection of the recipes we can produce. Please note these photos are actual photos of product with minimal editing. PetfoodNZ reserves all rights on the use of these photographs, please seek approval prior to any use.


Eel and Vegetables
Cat Food
Venison and Carrot
Cat Food
Beef, Apple and Vegetables
Dog Food
Beef and Vegetables
Dog Food
Chicken and Vegetables
Dog Food
Dog Food
Eel and Vegetables
Dog Food
Ocean Fish
Dog Food
Ocean Fish and Vegetable
Dog Food
Lamb and Carrots
Dog Food
Lamb, Potatoes and Vegetables
Dog Food
Lamb and Vegetables
Dog Food
Dog Food
Venison and Vegetables
Dog Food
Dog Food
Venison and Rice
Dog Food
Venison and Offal
Dog Food
Ocean White Fish
Dog Food