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PetfoodNZ has developed a brand ready for distribution right now.  This is fabulous product ensures your distribution market is served with a top quality formula without having to spend time and resources developing your own brand.  With its high palatability, added holistic supplements (Coenzyme Q10, New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel and Omega Oils) the formulas are packed full of nutrition as well as being convenient to feed.  Initial feedback confirms - cats and dogs just love the taste.  With no preservatives, colours, grains or fillers, your customers will receive a product they can feed with confidence.  This meat based range needs no improvement - the high quality and easy to digest animal protein, along with fibre from a selection of vegetables, is as healthful as it is convenient. 



"Tana has quite honestly been a different dog since eating your food.  He now waits by his bowl and cries for food - am really enjoying seeing him love his food so much.  I have had difficult with him and food from day one, and it is essential that he gets the optimum nutrition to be able to continue working with me as a Disability Assistance Dog.  I need him to be fit, healthy and active, which I believe he will be when he eats well.

Friends have commented on the change in Tana at meal times as they cannot believe how much he enjoys his food.  I have also found people commenting on a change in him in general - his whole demeanor appears to be brighter, bouncier and happier.  And this is after only 5 days of eating this new food.  I am convinced that it is from him getting the adequate and optimum nutrition to feel weel enough to take on life."

Thank you to Belinda for sharing Tana's experience with us.  Tana is crucial to Belinda being able to work and live life to the full.  He is on duty all the time and optimum nutrition is vital to this incredible pair.


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