faq (frequently asked questions) - petfoodnz faq
Can you source novel proteins?

Yes, we will attempt to source as wide a variety of novel proteins as are available from New Zealand. We have produced canned product using salmon, ocean fish, turkey, venison, eel and a vegan formula. Please feel free to discuss your needs with the team.

When providing my own can label for our brand what size must the label be?

Please contact us for the specific label dimensions. Labels must be correct to ensure a good fit with the relevant can and that they are received in good time to complete your Canned Pet Food order.

Do your Pet Food products contain grains?

Only if a specific Pet Food recipe requires them, and only for their nutritional benefit (e.g. some formulas contain brown rice and oatmeal, which are used for their fibre content and as an aid to digestion), never as a filler or for bulking. High quality and (usually) animal protein is the primary ingredient in our canned products.

What specialist ingredients can be included in our private label foods?

PetfoodNZ can source additional supplements or foods renowned for their nutritional benefit for inclusion into our products at the distributor's discretion. Contact us to ask for specific ingredients.  

PetfoodNZ can provide: 

Coenzyme Q10 - current research indicates it enhances heart health, as well as generally increasing longevity due to its antioxidant properties.  

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Extract - with its high levels of healthy fatty acids (especially omega 3) it reputedly assists in the repair of damaged joint tissues and inhibits inflammation.

A wide range of fruit and vegetables grown in New Zealand.

What is the best way to switch my pet onto PetfoodNZ high quality canned food?

Whilst many people find their pets can be moved immediately on to any PetfoodNZ product, it is advisable to follow a slow programme of adjustment in order to avoid digestive upsets. Normal bacteria in the intestine help your dog or cat digest food, this may be affected with sudden changes in food resulting in intestinal upset. Where the animal has only had dry food previously they are likely to need time to accommodate a new texture. This phase is well worth it as your pet will soon enjoy the multiple benefits of a moisture and desirable protein rich diet.

The following is the recommended way to incorporate a new food into your pet's diet:

20 - 25% of the new food mixed with the old food for two or three days, gradually increase this over the next four to seven days (slower if you are experiencing resistance or know that your pet is susceptible to intestinal upsets) until the diet is 100% of the new product.

Please visit the Animal Health page to learn more about the benefits of a canned food for your pet and more tips on transitioning the resistant cat on to this optimum diet.

Can you send Canned Pet Food product anywhere in the world?

PetfoodNZ has distributed Canned Pet Food product throughout the Pacific, Asia, Europe and North America. Enquiries from anywhere in the world are welcome and we will advise if there are any restrictions on exporting canned Pet Food product for any particular country. 

Please let us know your questions if they are not answered here.

So do the dogs eat it?

We have had tremendous success with feeding the various recipes to our own dogs and others. Even dogs known for being less than enthusiastic about new foods have taken to PetfoodNZ produced food with enthusiasm. One recent example is where it was used to obedience train a dog whose motivation to work for food was very low. With PetfoodNZ produced food this dog was willing to work with animation for a sustained period in a highly distracting environment.