Why choose PetfoodNZ?

PetfoodNZ is an established New Zealand (NZ) company based in the beautiful East Coast town of Gisborne in the North Island of NZ. PetfoodNZ was established in 2005 by Phil Moulds with the concept of becoming an exporter of premium and super premium canned pet food, through third party contracts, to international markets. In 2010 the manufacturing plant was commissioned to ensure that the quality of product and reliability of customer service was under the control of PetfoodNZ. This ensures that in conjunction with the industry experience and dedication to providing a healthful product, we can offer quality, service and flexibility giving a point of difference to our customers.

NZ pet food raw materials are the most sought after in the world, renowned for quality, consistency, food safety and for being disease free. NZ food manufacturing standards are regarded as the best in the world. The world market for pet food continues to shift toward premium and functional pet food and PetfoodNZ products cater to this end of the market. PetfoodNZ intends to use its competitive advantage of NZ raw materials and NZ manufacture to supply product as a contract manufacturer to established premium pet food distributors who are experts in their respective offshore markets.

Required certificates in Low Acid Canned Food Production, Hazard Analysis and advanced HACCP specified by NZFSA are currently held by staff on site.

PetfoodNZ's Product Solution

As consumers become more educated and discerning they are seeking superior products of assured quality. PetfoodNZ products are made from 100% NZ, free range Beef, Lamb, Venison, Fish, Possum, Chicken and/or Turkey. We will work with distributor requirements to provide any specific recipe options such as vegan or vegetarian options, as well as specific diets tailored for medical purposes. We can provide nutritional diversity through novel ingredients. As well as the meat items and dry ingredients, we also offer the ability to add an abundance of vegetables grown right here in NZ, taking advantage of seasonal diversity. We use the purest quality ingredients to achieve the purest concentration of nutrition.

PetfoodNZ wet food is produced from highest quality low fat proteins. With meat as the base ingredient followed by quick processing, the palatability is as good as it gets. Even animals who are selective about what they will eat enjoy product from PetfoodNZ.

NZ is renowned throughout the world for its disease free animals and strict food safety procedures.